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Unkept Promises

11th January 2014 | Books, Children, Discrimination, Drama, Family, Life, Money | 0 comments

Have you ever been homeless?  Hungry?  Getting nowhere quick?  Have you ever been promised help to get you back on your feet?  What was the result?  Let me tell you the results of the many promises we received.

Over time, I kept seeing this man in McDonald’s.  I always made a point of saying hi whenever we saw him.  He always responded with a big smile.  One day, he was reading a tract from The Watch Tower along with other printouts from the computer.  I stopped to talk to him about what he was reading.  He said he had a meeting with someone from the Latter Day Saints and wanted to understand their religion before he met with them.  I told him I would be interested in reading the detailed book they had given him when he was done.  I was also interested in what they had to say after he met with them.  He agree to share the end results.

The next time I saw him in McDonald’s, I waved and walked over to where he was sitting.  He invited me to sit down.  He was still reading the detailed book from the Latter Day Saints.  After talking to him for a few minutes, he mentioned that we always seemed to be in McDonald’s.  I proceeded to tell him that we were homeless.  He wanted to know how we got in this situation.  I told him the story of being scammed out of our house on a refinance.

I invited him over to meet my daughter, Jennifer, and we both could tell him what we had been through.  Hie name was Rick. Afterwards, he gave us some money for food.  He started showing up at McDonald’s more and more often.  He also either bought us food or gave us some money.

He proceeded to tell us how he had been in the Air Force and could fly anywhere in the world he wanted to go if the “plane” was going there.  He just had to make sure his name was added to the passenger list and he had a free ride to wherever it was going.  He could eat and stay at the Air Force base free of charge where they landed and tour the city.  He had been all over the world.  We both thought that sounded like so much fun and wished we could go.

He offered to take us out to dinner and asked where we wanted to go.  My daughter really wanted steak at Texas Roadhouse.  So we made plans to go there.  He tried to talk us into going to the Golden Corral, but he couldn’t change our minds.  We wanted steak at Texas Roadhouse.  So that’s where he took us.  The dinner was absolutely fantastic.  We had a great time.  We had a little left over that we took with us.  My daughter had that eaten later that evening.

Then he wanted to take us out to dinner again.  He asked us where else we would like to eat.  We told him we would really like some crabs and mentioned a place that wasn’t too far away from McDonald’s.  We talked about other places we would like to eat.  We also talked about how to get into some kind of housing.  The van was taking a toll on both of us.  He said he was working on a place for us to live and it wouldn’t be long before he thought he’d have a place for us to move into.  We were thrilled.

We made plans to have crabs that weekend.  He said he took a ride to where I said the crab house was and it wasn’t there anymore.  I told him he didn’t drive far enough.  He thought only houses were after the 7-11, so didn’t check any further.  We were really anxious for crabs that weekend.  But we didn’t hear or see him for a week.  He finally showed up to invite us to I-HOP.  We said ok.  I dislike I-HOP, but my daughter likes it.  He said he’d meet us outside.  So we gathered up our stuff, went to the bathroom, and put our stuff in the van.  We walked all around McDonald’s, but couldn’t find him.

We were really pissed off.  We had been offered breakfast in McDonald’s and had passed it up because he was taking us to breakfast.  We were sick of McDonald’s food anyway and anyplace was better.  Of course, when we walked back into McDonald’s, the people who offered us breakfast were now gone.  So much for any food that day!

He showed up the next day and we let him know how we felt.  We said he should have come back in or texted us that something had come up rather than just leave us standing there.  He said he was sorry and since he was causing so many problems, we wouldn’t be seeing him anymore.  He doesn’t like confrontation and causing problems and said good-bye.

A week or so later, he was back.  He took us to Golden Corral for dinner.  It was a buffet and very, very good.  We had lots of leftovers to take with us.  The next day was very, very hot.  I was starving, so ate one piece of the steak.  It tasted ok to me.  But the next day, I was very sick.  I was vomiting and having a bowel movement both at the same time.  I couldn’t even get up to get out of the van.  My poor daughter had to keep cleaning things up and giving me bags to get sick in.

I went over to the doctor’s office and was told this would go on for about a week.  There wasn’t anything to take for it.  She told me I had food poisoning and heat stroke.  It was imperative that we got ourselves into a cool area, rest, and drink plenty of clear liquids.  We didn’t have any money.

Rick said we could stay in the townhouse they were remodeling, but there wasn’t any water, shower, kitchen, etc.  Jennifer and I discussed it and said no.  I was too sick to stay somewhere that didn’t have a bathroom and a kitchen.

I called a Church and they agreed to pay for 2 nights in a motel.  They sent us to a motel that was full.  We had to turn around and go back to where we had been and got into a hotel there.  It was like being in Heaven.  We had a bed to sleep in, a TV, a bathroom, and a shower.  My daughter got a free buffet breakfast every morning.  I ate toast and a muffin.  I didn’t want to get sick again. After the 2nd night, I called the Church back and they put us up one more night.  I called another Church and they put us up another night.

Thursday morning, we were supposed to be at McDonald’s at 6 a.m. to look at housing in DC we might be able to move into.  Rick sent Jennifer a message that the hotel wouldn’t take his military ID because the room wasn’t in his name.  We would have to pack up immediately as we knew we wouldn’t be back by 11 a.m. from DC.

We missed the person who was supposed to help us get a place in DC because Rick couldn’t give us any notice.  He also gave Jennifer $150 to get a room somewhere.  He told her he would give her the keys to a townhouse in Waldorf that we could stay in for about a month.  He was getting ready to head to California as he had a friend who was dying and wanted to die in Hawaii.

Then Jennifer got sick.  We figured we would be seeing Rick again so he could give us the key and directions to the place.  I sent Rick a message that Jennifer was now sick with heat stroke too.  We had spent the $150 on another night at the hotel.  We didn’t hear from him until 24 hours later.  He said he just got the message and was currently in California.  I got kind of mad.  I asked why he didn’t tell us he was leaving for Hawaii.  I said that if I had known he wasn’t going to be around for a while, I would have spent the $150 differently so it would have lasted a little longer.  He told me I was a very “bitter” woman and not to text, call, or try to contact him ever again.

My daughter and I thought he was a very selfish person not giving us some warning.  We appreciated everything he had done for us.  We just didn’t understand why he would tell us one thing then do something else.   His problem seemed to be that he thought only of himself.  It only took a quick text to let us know that he would be leaving town for a while.  He bragged about all this money he had, yet he only left us $150 to get by for who knows how long.

I think the main problem was that he had the “hots” for my daughter and she wasn’t interested.  He had tried to kiss her several times.  He was always trying to touch her inappropriately.  When he spoke, he spoke mostly to her and totally ignored me.

Jennifer got very angry with Rick.  She told him that was not the way to talk to her Mother.  She said that I was very scared because Jennifer was so sick and he never gave her any indication that he was leaving immediately for the airport.  What happened to the key to the townhouse he was going to give her before he left?  He never answered back.  Yet he was always telling Jennifer how worried he was about us especially Jennifer!  This is what we found most people who promise things tend to do.  They promise all this stuff, then when the time comes to give it to us, the story always changes.  All we want is a little break!


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